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2nd Edition
All THings Data Center

Data Center Xpo Indonesia

The Data Center Xpo is an extraordinary fusion of brilliance, innovation, and strategic prowess. In an ever-evolving digital era, the significance of data has reached new heights, positioning this summit as the pivotal nexus for professionals navigating the path to data driven success.

Embark on a journey within the Data Center Xpo, where industry leaders, pioneers, and experts unravel the latest trends, share groundbreaking insights, and showcase cutting-edge solutions. This summit transcends conventional boundaries, providing a dynamic platform for networking, learning, and collaboration. Dive into enlightening sessions, hands-on workshops, and engaging discussions spanning data analytics, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies.

From unravelling data mysteries to decoding the next frontier of technological evolution, the Data Center Xpo seamlessly transforms knowledge into actionable insights. This conference will serve as a platform for forging connections, sparking collaborations, and unlocking the full potential of data-driven excellence.

Industry Leaders

Indonesia's data center market


Is the projected market volume of Network Infrastructure in 2024


CAGR for Indonesia’s data center industry


Is the expected GMV for the digital economy by 2030

US$2.99 bn

Is the projected revenue in the data center market in 2024

US$366 bn

is the expected GDP contribution by 2030, in terms of Advancements in AI.

Past Speakers

Muhammad Neil El Himam, M.Sc.

Deputy for Digital Economy and Creative Product
Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy
Republic of Indonesia

Chairul Saleh, SH., LL.M

Assisstant Deputy for Labor Productivity Enhancement
Coordinating Ministry For Economic Affairs
Republic of Indonesia

Dr Ashwin Sasongko

Executive Member
Indonesian National ICT Council - WANTIKNAS

Bambang Wijanarko

Acting Head of Bureau for Investment, Cooperation and Communication
Secretariat General of The National Council for Special Economic Zone
Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs
Republic of Indonesia

Shaharyar Jawaid

Senior ICT Specialist
Islamic Development Bank

Raine Renaldi

Chief of Economy & Digital Asset Committee
Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN)

Juan Kanggrawan

Head of Data Analytics, Research & Digital Products
Jakarta Smart City

Chandra Firmanto

Founder and Managing Partner
IndoGen Capital

Why Attend ?

Learn & Grow

Elevate your professional growth with engaging discussions and collaborative workshops that are shaping the industry.

Explore the Latest Innovations in Digital Solutions

Gain valuable insights from renowned Innovation & Technology experts, including pioneers and leaders from the region, as they share real-world use cases and practical perspectives.

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborate with industry peers to collectively shape the future collectively and exchange experiences.

Connect with Trusted Technology Partners

Connect and meet one-on-one with potential global partners who can provide tailored guidance to help you achieve your critical business objectives.

Maximized ROI

The Data Center Xpo is a time-saving, highly informative, accessible, and professional business platform designed for experienced technology professionals and digital experts.

Featured Discussions

Sustainable Data Centers in Indonesia: Pioneering Innovation for a Greener Tomorrow
  • Explore how Indonesia's data centers are pioneering sustainable practices, aligning technological innovation with environmental responsibility for a greener digital future.
  • Navigate the session's insights into the delicate balance achieved between technological advancements and ecological impact, revealing why sustainability is a paramount concern for Indonesia's data centers.
  • Unravel how sustainability harmonises with broader national agendas, showcasing the session's focus on aligning eco-conscious data solutions with Indonesia's strategic environmental goals.
Beyond Limits: Turbocharging Data Centers with 5G Velocity
  • Understand the emerging synergy between data centers and 5G technology, recognising it as a critical focal point in an era driven by an insatiable thirst for data and high-speed connectivity.
  • Explore the pivotal question of whether data centers can truly deliver on the promise of 5G speeds, going beyond the surface to distinguish between reality and the tantalising dream of high-speed connectivity.
  • Identify the growing demand for high-speed data transfer, the challenges associated with achieving 5G-level speeds in data centers, and gain insights into potential upgrades and modifications needed to harness the full capabilities of 5G speeds.
The Cohesion of AI and Data Centers: Unveiling Synergies, Challenges, and the Unbeatable Union
  • Explore the inseparable bond between AI and Data Centers, redefining technological evolution and shaping the future of computing.
  • Unveil the depth of AI rooted in Data Centers, unleashing efficiency, optimising operations, and enabling predictive maintenance for unparalleled technological advancement.
  • Contemplate whether the union of AI and Data Centers is truly unbeatable, recognising both the indomitable force they create and the innovative solutions required to overcome unique hurdles in their formidable alliance.
Navigating the Cloud-Data Center Nexus: Evolution, Advancements, and Strategic Choices
  • Explore the debate on Cloud's rapid progress potentially making traditional Data Centers obsolete, or if they coexist as complementary forces with unique strengths.
  • Provide insights into Cloud and Data Center performance, enabling organizations to make informed decisions based on their specific needs and objectives.
  • Break down the cost implications of adopting Cloud versus maintaining on-premises data centers, considering operational expenses, capital investments, and total cost of ownership.
Securing the Heart of the Digital Ecosystem: Bridging Cyber Security and Data Centers
  • Understand the heightened vulnerability of data centers, critical hubs storing and managing sensitive data, to evolving cyber threats.
  • Recognize the interdependence of cyber security and data centers, exploring advanced technologies like encryption, access controls, and intrusion detection systems as crucial for mutual defence.
  • Examine innovative approaches to strengthen data center security, providing actionable strategies to navigate and proactively respond to the dynamic challenges of the cyber landscape.
Data Confluence: The Power Triangle of Data Analytics, Big Data, and Data Centers
  • Understand the indispensable role of data analytics in data centers, driving efficiency and strategic decision-making for optimised operations.
  • Recognize the transformative synergy between big data, data centers, and data analytics as the session unveils their interdependence in shaping the data center ecosystem.
  • Gain insights into the symbiotic relationship where big data serves as the lifeblood, flooding data centers, and data analytics acts as the alchemist, extracting valuable insights to fortify decision frameworks in a transformative manner.


Cloud Service Providers
Data Center Service Providers
Ecommerce & Retail
Media and Entertainment
Real Estate and Construction
Research and Development
Logistics & Supply Chain
BFSI & Fintech

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What Clients Say

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Emilia Clarke
I enjoyed the event and found the delegate profiles and presentations very informative. I had productive conversations with potential customers and prospects, and I believe we will generate a decent list of leads for our company. The venue, food, and crowd were all excellent, and I had many interesting conversations and gained a lot of knowledge. We will definitely consider sponsoring DTS in the future.
Emilia Clarke
I had really good conversations today with the number of delegates coming from the region and other places. Quite likely we we will consider it for the next year or your next city. The overall conversations were really good probably some of the really interesting conversations in change management and practical side of it and were really interesting.
Emilia Clarke
I would rate the overall event a 9 out of 10 because it was very strategic and focused, with a mix of decision makers and influencers in attendance. We expect to have a good number of conversions with the enterprise accounts we met, and we are looking forward to working with Exito again in the future. There is a great scope for collaboration and we appreciate the opportunity to participate in this event.
Emilia Clarke
I would rate the event a 9 or 10 out of 10. It was well put together and we received fantastic feedback and had high-quality conversations with delegates. It has been one of the best events we have participated in, with a good return on investment and leads generated. The audience was perfect and their interactions and participation in the event were excellent. The panel discussion was also very informative and useful for my presentation.
Emilia Clarke
It was absolutely beyond my expectations. I've attended and sponsored many events in the past, but the kind of turnaround we've seen in this event is fabulous. We're leaving with a good number of opportunities in hand.The discussions have been good, helping us find potential areas of collaboration. These one-to-one meetings have aided networking and identifying collaboration areas. We felt it is more relevant to the portfolio we carry.
Emilia Clarke
I think it is a fabulous event. I got a chance to meet very high level people from the government sector and various industries. I think one-to-one meetings were quiet helpful for us about the customers who wanted to visit us. More than 70-80% of delegates were related to our business.These type of events are helpful for customers and vendors to communicate and give opportunity to learn on market demand and provide solutions to those customers.

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