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Exito 13 anniversary

19th Edition

Cyber Security Summit

Blueprint To Securing Australia's Digital Future

Cyber Security Summit Australia

The Cyber Security Summit is an invitation-only in-person event exclusive for cybersecurity leaders from leading businesses, institutions and government establishments in Australia.
At the Cyber Security Summit: Australia you will hear from top security experts on strategies, action plans and best practices to develop & protect the nations cybersecurity sector and build a resilient digital ecosystem
Held under the theme, “Blueprint To Securing Australia’s Digital Future”, the Agenda of this edition is aligned with Australia’s vision of being the world’s most cyber secure country underpinning their future prosperity.
Gathering over 120+ CISOs, CIOs, Heads of IT infrastructure, cyber security, information and communication technologies and other experts in the technology domain, the platform will equip you with the essential tools to risk-proof your businesses.
Australia’s Digital Future
Australia’s Digital Future
Industry Leaders

Why Australia ?

WHY Australia
  • Australia is in the midst of a cybersecurity revolution. It aspires to be a World-Topping Performer in cybersecurity by 2030.
  • To achieve this goal, the Government is developing the 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy with unified effort of government, industry and the community.
  • The Australian cyber market contributed approximately $2.4 billion in Gross Value Added (GVA) in 2022, and the sector’s GVA grew by 11% from 2020 to 2022.
  • The CSIRO estimates that Australia’s cyber security revenue could reach $6 billion per year in 2026.
  • Uplifting Australia’s cyber resilience would also provide a significant boost to the domestic digital economy.

Why Sponsor ?

Pre-Qualified Leads
Pre-Qualified Leads
Connect with 120+ influential industry leaders empowered to make impactful decisions for their businesses.
potential clients
1:1 Meetings
Guaranteed one-to-one meetings with potential clients
Product Showcase
Product Showcase
showcase your organization’s expertise and enhance your brand exposure.
Brand amplification
Brand amplification
Be seen as a visionary tech leader through associating your brand with this summit
Speed Networking
Speed Networking
Engage in dynamic and efficient networking to expand your professional connections.

Speakers 2023

Monica Schlesinger

Director and CEO
Australian Health and Science Institute

Daminda Kumara

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation
(Australian Federal Government agency)

David Soldani

SVP Innovation and Advanced Research

Kareen Riley-Takos

General Manager Operations
Standards Australia

Santanu Lodh

Chief Information Security Officer

Matthew Duckworth

Director, IT Risk and Security
MetLife Australia

Jihad Zein

Global Head of Governance, Risk and Assurance, Group IT
Toll Group

Sorin Toma

Cyber Security Advisor
Emerging Payments Association Asia

Dr Sharif Abuadbba

Team Leader - Distributed Systems Security
CSIRO’s Data61

Dr Mahendra Samarawickrama

The Centre for Sustainable AI

Jacqueline Jayne

Security Awareness Advocate

Hajime Suzuki

Principal Research Scientist - Cybersecurity and Quantum Systems
CSIRO’s Data61

Jeffrey Lim

Head of Solution Consulting, APAC

Pat Shueh

VP, Sales Engineering - Asia Pacific & Japan

Jayden Le

Global Head of IT

Cameron Martin

Sales Engineering Manager

Salil Kanhere

University of New South Wales

Sushmita Ruj

Faculty of Engineering Lead, IfCyber
Senior Lecturer
School of Computer Science and Engineering
University of New South Wales

Why Attend ?

collaborative workshops

Learn & Grow

Elevate your professional growth with engaging discussions and collaborative workshops that are shaping the industry.
Innovation & Technology experts

Explore the Latest Innovations in Digital Solutions

Gain valuable insights from renowned Innovation & Technology experts, including pioneers and leaders from the region, as they share real-world use cases and practical perspectives.
Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborate with industry peers to collectively shape the future collectively and exchange experiences.
Potential global partners

Connect with Trusted Technology Partners

Connect and meet one-on-one with potential global partners who can provide tailored guidance to help you achieve your critical business objectives.
Maximized ROI

Maximized ROI

The Cyber Security Summit is a time-saving, highly informative, accessible, and professional business platform designed for experienced technology professionals and digital experts.

Featured Discussions

Australia Aims to Be World's 'Most Cyber-Secure' Country
  • With the aim of being the world's most cyber-secure nation, Australia has developed 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy
  • This plan includes setting up a new cyber security agency & strengthening partnerships with industry and international partners
  • They will provide cyber security training to small and medium-sized businesses
GPT & Generative AI: Weighing The Benefits And Risks In Cyber Security
  • GPTIt can quickly identify patterns and anomalies in network traffic
  • Lack of transparency could make it difficult to identify and address any potential security vulnerabilities
  • Carefully considering the pros and drawbacks of utilising GPT in cyber security
  • Businesses & individuals can make informed decisions about how to best protect themselves from cyber threats
How Will "Hack The Hackers" Help Prevent Data Breach Waves?
  • It is crucial to take proactive steps to safeguard sensitive information and prevent data breaches from occurring
  • Australia has established a 100-strong task force that aims to “hack the hackers” before they hit, and to make Australia a hostile environment for cyber criminals
  • The country is also in the process of updating the Privacy Act 1988
  • Use of Cyber liability insurance to cover costs associated with data breaches and cyber attacks on businesses
Ransomware Is Changing - Are You Ready?
  • An international counter-ransomware task force as part of a global Counter-Ransomware Initiative
  • By staying vigilant and taking proactive measures, businesses can protect themselves against the changing threat of ransomware
  • The ACSC recommends implementing their Essential Eight mitigation strategies
  • Regularly backing up devices and having a plan in place to deal with ransomware incidents
OT Data & Security in the Cloud: An Evolving Paradigm
  • Implementation of zero-trust-based cybersecurity principles will help protect networks
  • Companies should consider replacing legacy VPNs with zero-trust models
  • Ensuring secure IoT-cloud implementation minimizes the risks that could arise from the integration of the two technologies
  • To facilitate OT-to-cloud connectivity, security technology must be able to support a wide range of protocols
  • Embedded security modules provide maximum assurance for critical OT data, while reducing cost and administrative overhead
Improving Public-Private Mechanisms For Cyber Threat Sharing & Blocking
  • The public-private partnerships require analysis of feasible technical approaches, which can be deployed sustainably at scale
  • Improved threat sharing should also consider qualitative issues
  • Supporting Australia’s cyber security workforce and skills pipeline
  • Despite widespread awareness of the potential risks posed by cybercrime to enhance their cyber security



Logistics & Supply Chain
e commerce
Ecommerce & Retail
Energy and Utilities
BFSI & Fintech
Aerospace & Defence

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Emilia Clarke
Joel Yap
Marketing Manager
This event is definitely a great platform for us to enter the Indonesian market and I do see great success in terms of customer experience. It does give us confidence in both Exito as well as the Indonesian market. For Speed Networking, It is great. It allows us to interact with customers one-to-one and provide intimacy with the customers with regards to the needs and requirements of the market and how we can address them.
Emilia Clarke
Resham Ganglani
The event was good. Very compact and good crowd, good though exchange, great speakers, excellent presentations and good communications. I think the event size was kept at senior levels and good engagement. Speed Networking and one-to-one meeting has been great. it is good to have 5 minutes discussions with various stakeholders. The event was well-organised and the key feature was great content and have a frank discussion with people.
Emilia Clarke
Djuniarto Lam
Country Manager
Overall the event is really good because we can get close to the customer and interact with many people personally one0to-one. The speed networking was a good idea as I got to know face-to-face as to what the customer need. It is different from the event we ave been before. Very simple and we can discuss with them personally. It was a good experience for us.
Emilia Clarke
Kapil Sharin,
Country Marketing Leader, India & South East Asia
I found the concept of speed networking pretty good. It allows a lot of people to connect with your team members and divert them to our demo booth station. All in all It was a very innovative concept. Overall the event experience was fairly good. I am pretty pleased with how things shaped up.

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